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 Betreff des Beitrags: Über Gerechtigkeit - Offener Brief v. Sir Valdemar Danneløve
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Überall im Süden, ja überall auf dem Kontinent wurde folgender offene Brief von Sir Valdemar Danneløve aus dem Reich der Rosen und der Dornen veröffentlicht. Auch der Hohe Meister des Rechts erhielt ein Exemplar, welches weiter veröffentlicht wurde.

[Originale Formatierung ist im Anhang zu finden.]


An open letter to Mythodea

As Mythodea grows through the hard work of the Settlers, guided by the wisdom and blessings of the Elements, our thriving societies experience an increased need of organization and civilization. When one is raising provisional shelter in the wilderness and scrambling for nourishment while keeping a look out for the Forsaken, one's existence is boiled down to necessities: Survival. Safety. Freedom. But as the wilderness is gradually incorporated into governed and cultivated land, its inhabitants interact with each other in increasingly complex ways. What might once have been a simple redundancy or unimportant luxury is now a pressing need. With more than half a dozen sovereign realms established and trade flourishing all over the continent, our basic priorities now enjoy a host of companions: Unity. Stability. Confederation. Solidarity. Openness. A continentally compatible trade system. And – most important of all – Justice.

Justice is the foundation of any harmonious society. If people who live together cannot expect a just settlement of conflicts between them, division, mistrust and oppression reigns. For a continually prosperous development of Mythodea, Justice must reign – in accordance with the will of the Elements.

This principle is simple. It's application, however, requires further elaboration. For what is justice, really? Is justice the meticulous spelling out of every imaginable contingency with regards to conflicts between people? Is it the Archon or Nyame personally adjudicating every dispute that may arise? Or is it a completely even and equal distribution of land, honor or privileges among the inhabitants of a given realm – or of the entire continent?

Of course not. This is not a political statement, but a philosophical one. Its purpose is not to formulate laws for the realms of Mythodea to adopt. It merely advocates a general principle of fairness and righteousness: Justice means not having to live in fear of oppression, persecution and tyranny – not even the weakest among us.

I grew up in a land of ferocious warriors who lived by the rule that Might is Right: whatever a man was strong enough to do or take was also his by right. No higher compunction or discipline guided their exploits than their own selfish desires. Needless to say, this ethos led to tyranny, exploitation and oppression of the weak. These are the plight of the Forsaken. If we are to transcend their depravity, we must aspire to higher ideals; not live according to our base compulsions, but to what we believe to be right. We must supplant what we merely desire with what the wisdom of the Elements calls us to do. And this must extend beyond our personal interests: for what is righteous about only combating injustice against oneself? True Justice must be all-encompassing: if we tolerate even one among us to suffer injustice, we have all lost it.

This is why I myself chose the path of the knight: a knight dedicates his life to martial excellence, but not for his own gain, like those proud warriors of my homeland. A knight must be formidable so that he can uphold virtue – chiefly by enacting Justice and protecting those who cannot defend themselves.

This is the prime directive of Justice: use whatever talents you have to ensure that none suffer under the wickedness of others. This doesn’t just pertain to the strong and powerful. Justice is not merely the responsibility of the rulers among and above us: if we want to advance our societies according to the will of the Elements, we must all take the virtue of Justice upon us as a sacred duty.

There are perhaps those that will object, that Justice is not a concern to be prioritized in the face of the threat of the Forsaken. But I say that without Justice, how can we ensure the unity and fraternity among the Followers of the Elements that is necessary to resist the Forsaken? Justice is necessary for a congregation robust enough to fight the Forsaken, and root out those among us sowing strife and division through dishonorable and abusive behavior: robbery. Deceit. Tyranny. Who will stand in war next to his oppressor? Or the thief who robbed him of his property? To stand together as brothers in arms, we must have Justice amongst ourselves.

And finally, if not a society ruled by justice, what are we even fighting for? If we cannot institute Justice within our fellowship, what is the worth of that fellowship? What makes us better than the Forsaken? We will be but crooks, hoodlums, rogues and ruffians, eking out a miserable existence in a bleak wasteland bereft of meaning and the light of civilization – and of the Elements. We may be imperfect beings, but if we strive to uphold Justice to conciliate our shortcomings, at least we will earn the righteousness to transcend the damnation of the Forsaken and the exile of the Ancient Rulers. We will redeem the sins and failures of the past and earn our place in the future of Mythodea – in the blessed light of the Elements.

All that is needed for evil to triumph is for the righteous to do nothing

In the name of Justice – under the Elements

Sir Valdemar Danneløve

Knight of Roses

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